About Us

Who We Are And Where We Came From

Ritchie & Associates was founded in 1967 by Dave Ritchie, Whit Shaffer and Bob Casper.  They met while working with one of the largest consulting companies in the U.S.   Over time, all three developed a shared vision of a consulting firm that would provide superior service and deliver greater value to their clients.  

With an entrepreneurial drive, founded on delivering a higher level of customer satisfaction, Dave, Whit and Bob formed Ritchie & Associates.  Unheard of at the time, Ritchie & Associates guaranteed achieving measurable improvements and sustainable results.  They engaged the client's resources making the initiative a collaborative effort further enhancing the buy-in of the changes, and ensuring perpetuity.  Services were expanded to include returning on a post project basis, without charge to the client, to ensure the perpetuity of the improvements and the sustainability of the financial gains.  They preferred doing business on a handshake, rather than a contract, and quickly grew their company into one of today's most successful and well-respected Consulting Firms.

Whit Shaffer, President & CEO, continues to manage the business on the Founders principles and realizes that Ritchie will benefit as the client benefits.  

Ritchie & Associates is headquartered in Sherman Oaks, California and is a privately held Corporation.  Services are marketed in North America and the firm has performed international work at the request of their North American based clients.  Today Ritchie employs nearly 100 full time consultants and has branch offices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.