Additional Services

What Our Business Provides For Your Business

Process Optimization:

  • Performance Improvement is targeted to a specific Business Process and depending on the nature of the initiative savings may not be measureable.
  • Improvements are derived by reducing variation, cycle time, or removing the waste or other impediments associated with the process. In some cases the development of the future state process is the ultimate objective.
  • An experienced member of the Ritchie Team is charged with leading and facilitating this initiative, which in many cases involves the establishment of cross-functional teams.

Function or Department Audit:

  • While the ultimate objective is Performance Improvement, the client has an interest in auditing a specific function, position or department. The focus is on findings and root causes.
  • The situation is studied, observations and analysis are performed, and results are compiled in a Manual or Final Report.
  • This type of assignment may require as few as 2 weeks to complete and generally has no immediate financial return, yet has significant importance to the client.

Ritchie has applied the above 2 services to all types of operations including: Stock & Bond Transfer, Order Entry, Production Planning & Inventory Management, Line Technicians, Monitoring Processes, Sales Processes, Inspection, Brite Can Labeling…

Implementation of a Specific Tool or Concept:

  • While the ultimate objective is Performance Improvement, the client has interest in the deployment of a specific tool or concept. The focus is on the initial understanding and value of the tool or concept and the eventual implementation system wide.
  • The approach often starts with training and progresses to modeling the tool or concept in a specific area, line, work center, value stream etc.
  • Due to the unique nature of each assignment financial gains may not be measureable.

Ritchie has applied this service using a wide range of tools and concepts including: Value Stream Mapping, Line Balancing, Process Monitors, War Rooms, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Work Management, Cycle Time Compression, SPC, 5-S