The Voice Of Our Clients

“As you know, we are a 450 bed downtown hospital referral center. After an extensive search for a consultant, we selected your firm because of your reputation in working with all types of organizations to implement change. Our choice was a good one. The project has been highly successful and is continuing without your direct on-site support. We are pleased to have you as an advisor, implementer, and partner in our continuing improvement efforts.”

Jean B Keffeler
Senior Executive Officer
Health One Systems

“Ritchie & Associates identified and quantified substantial opportunity for improvement. Their implementation resulted in significant productivity and capacity increases. They have exceeded their original savings projections and did a great job of working with our staff. Thanks for the fine work and most importantly the RESULTS.”

Tim Arnold
Plant Manager
Clopay Building Products Company

“I want to thank you and your staff following the successful completion of your work in our facility and the results achieved by your team. Feel free to use me as a reference for the quality of your work and the ability of your team to work with my people.”

Eugene Smith
General Manager
Jimmy Dean Foods
(Division of Sara Lee)

“We operate a liquor warehousing and distribution company with a unionized workforce. Ritchie was asked to assist us with improving our productivity as defined by cases shipped per labor hour. The program implemented under their supervision was an unqualified success. The dollar savings projected were exceeded and the payback was achieved in less time than projected.”

Michael Dokachev
Vice President of Finance
Fedway Associates

“The knowledge of the Goerlich operation was not imbedded, but it was acquired. Ritchie conducted a 2 week Analysis of our entire operations. The professionalism and the integrity of this pre-project study clearly illustrated their ability to interact with all levels of our labor force and establish consensus amongst the Ritchie and Goerlich staffs.”

“We are pleased to endorse the people, the methods, and the results achieved by Ritchie & Associates. We will, in the future make use of their services and look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship.”

Jim Gerber
Vice President of Operations
Goerlich’s Exhaust Systems

“The results of this project have been beneficial to our operations. The professionalism of the Ritchie team and personal relationships established have been outstanding.”

Donald W. Zahn
General Manager

“By providing a structured approach during the course of the project, your team built an excellent rapport with the management team that facilitated an environment for change and set the stage for ongoing improvement. Your team overcame skepticism by working closely with my staff, explaining how and why something should be done and belief and commitment were the clear result.”

Edward Bleka
President & CEO
Quantum Foods

“I found them to be very professional and enlightening. Their made-to-fit-style with our culture made them very easy to work with and readily accepted by our organization.”

Brent Chertow
Smelter- General Manager
Falconbridge Limited

“PRS is a joint venture between ASC and a German based company, Edscha Automotive. The consulting firm of Ritchie & Associates had successfully worked with Edscha in their North American operations and were brought in to assist us.”

“After the launch of the BMW Z4 convertible, PRS struggled with hitting its operational targets in several areas such as supplier quality, productivity, internal quality and engineering management. The results of our combined efforts are a reduction in our labor hours per top from 7.4 to 5.5. PRS is very pleased with the results of Ritchie. Through their work we see improvements in annualized savings that will dwarf their fees.”

Florian Oelschig
General Manager

W. Cory Brusman
Plant Manager

Premier Roof Systems

“Your initial assessment methods and people skills were the key elements in our decision to proceed with the project. Now that it is over – Would I do it again? Without any hesitation. Will I recommend your services to others? Most definitely. The results are there and on-going.”

Charles R. Nash
Haughton Graphics Limited

“I had the opportunity of working with the people of the consulting firm Ritchie & Associates. As a union member I was skeptical of their presence at first. As their work began they took the necessary time to explain what it was they were doing, why they were doing it and what the expected results would be. I learned better ways and methods to do the work I was responsible for and enjoyed working with them.”

Member of United Food and Commercial Workers Union

“Full credit for the fact that today our management and supervisory team considers the system you implemented to be the foundation of continuous improvement has to be given to Ritchie & Associates. I wish to personally thank you and your staff for what you did.”

Lewis Mason
International Trading Company
(A Tyson Foods Company)

“The Ritchie team operated in a professional, focused, and effective manner and very quickly became an integral part of our organization. The project gave us a significant return on investment and our goal of “transfer of knowledge” was also achieved.”

Jon King
Vice President North Seas Operations
Bredero Price Services
(A Halliburton Company)